Group "Check-In" Meeting

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Arrange a virtual group “Check-In” meeting to support your team or workgroup.

“Check-In” meetings offer emotional and mental health support to UM teams during times of heightened stress. These educational meetings aim to position teams to better manage the effects of stress, highlight the importance of self-care and understand how best each may support their team members. “Check-In” meetings are voluntary, stand-alone meetings conducted by UM FSAP licensed behavioral health professionals at the request of team leaders who wish to extend this type of support to their staff.

The FSAP professionals will work with team leaders to arrange meetings that cater to their scheduling needs. Per-meeting group size is ordinarily limited to 15 participants, but the FSAP will coordinate with managers to make appropriate accommodations and see that all employees, who may be interested, are able to participate in a “Check-In” experience. Employees who attend receive emotional and mental health support in a venue which reinforces the necessity of working collaboratively with peers to remain resilient during challenging times.

Please contact the FSAP for more information on group “Check-In” meetings.