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Well-being is the ability of individuals to address normal stresses, work productively, and realize their highest potential. It is important for healthcare workers to use creative strategies to address their well-being.

Review the following resources:


The UM Faculty & Staff Assistance Program offers Zoom for Healthcare based wellness webinars to help employees develop and improve their capacity for managing life stressors.

FSAP Wellness Webinars


Virtual Events to Manage Stress

  • Cancer Support Services on ZOOM - Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center's free ZOOM sessions on music therapy and other healthy outlets
  • UHealth Fitness and Wellness Center: Weekly Guided Meditation - Join yoga and meditation teacher Lunthita Duthely, EdD, MS, RYT for a lunchtime 15- and 30-minute meditation session via Zoom.


Videos Resources

In our efforts to provide best-in-class wellness resources, the Faculty & Staff Assistance Program has curated a list of recommended mental health videos. Learn more.


Additional Resources


Meditation/Stress Relief Apps

  1.   Calm

  2.   Headspace

  3.    Insight Timer

  4.    Ten Percent Happier

Free Guided Meditation Websites